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Individual Performance for Season

Player Matthew Frewin

Season :

Fixture Batting Bowling Fielding Wicket-Keeping
ViewDateHome - vs - AwayTypeInnRunsOversMdnsRunsWktsCtROsCtSt
07/09/2016Broadstairs CC - Indoor Vs Broadstairs CC - B - IndoorLeague1113912000
14/09/2016Broadstairs CC - Indoor Vs Broadstairs CC - A - IndoorLeague10*31520000
21/09/2016Sandwich Town CC - Sandwich A Vs Broadstairs CC - IndoorLeague1131700000
10/10/2016Margate CC - Indoor Vs Broadstairs CC - IndoorLeague103330000
17/10/2016Sandwich Town CC - Sandwich Vs Broadstairs CC - IndoorLeague--31001000
30/10/2016Broadstairs CC - Indoor Vs Westgate-On-Sea CC, Kent - Westgate Indoor 1stLeague12232401000
09/11/2016Broadstairs CC - B - Indoor Vs Broadstairs CC - IndoorLeague102.31700000
16/11/2016Broadstairs CC - A - Indoor Vs Broadstairs CC - IndoorLeague1931500000
27/11/2016Broadstairs CC - Indoor Vs Sandwich Town CC - Sandwich ALeague--3821000
12/12/2016Broadstairs CC - Indoor Vs Margate CC - IndoorLeague1223702000
08/01/2017Broadstairs CC - Indoor Vs Sandwich Town CC - SandwichLeague1231700000
15/01/2017Westgate-On-Sea CC, Kent - Westgate Indoor 1st Vs Broadstairs CC - IndoorLeague11632011000